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Design, Print, Signs, Photos, Filming, Editing, Strategy, Website . . . .

Creative Design and Development


Dotsquare Delivers

Fresh ideas, brand identity, Web development & maintenance, innovative creative design solutions, marketing and advertising strategy, training development and top end audio and visual productions is just a few of our cutting edge services . . .


Printing Solutions


Complete printing solutions

Our core services focus on idea and solution development right through to production and execution. By having in house facilities and services, Dotsquare can deliver complex projects within deadline driven time frames. It's just what we do . . .

Media Planning (Advertising Campaign)


Strategy, planning & implement

Together with carefull planning, market research and current advertising trends , DotSquare ensures the efficacy of each client's media strategy. Every plan of action is based on thorough planning, experience and efficient execution . . .


Welcome to Dotsquare

Dotsquare Pty Ltd is an innovative customer focused agency that thrives on delivering breakthrough corporate communication solutions for our clients filling an essential link in the quest for an integrated advertising agency. Every organisation that has the desire to move to the next level needs an agency that can supply breakthrough media solutions that drive this desire and Dotsquare fulfils this requirement by offering a fully integrated concept consultancy expertly blended with highly efficient production facilities.

Our strength is a combination of delivering unique ideas and experience in the field of advertising, marketing and media and then following the concepts through to delivery with high end in house production and products.

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